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Dr. Ruff was like finding a needle in the haystack. I have had many treatments done for acne scarring and I have never come across any doctor who was as kind, caring, and patient as he was. Not only does he have immense knowledge on acne scarring and treatments that can potentially help, but you can also tell he is there only to help you see results and not try to sell you on multiple treatments/visits. Dr. Ruff took out the time to answer all my questions and I did not feel rushed. I decided on getting Bellafill done - and even after all my doubts and fear, Dr. Ruff's reassurance put them at ease. During the treatment itself, Dr. Ruff took his time and was gentle/intricate with his work. He made sure I was comfortable through any discomfort/pain. I am happy with my results and cannot wait to go back for more. Thank you, Dr. Ruff and the team at West End!


When I was researching doctors who specialized in facial plastic surgery in my area - I was blown away by Dr. Cohen's credentials and work. I made an appointment for a consultation and the rest is history. I was very picky on who I chose to perform work on my face. Dr. Cohen listened to my concerns and then also offered his professional opinion - we decided the best results for me would be to have an extended Deep Plane Facelift (which can only be performed by about 5% of doctors in the country as of date); a neck lift with extensive sculpting, and under-eye blepharoplasty (with a tiny bit of fat grafting and light C02 resurfacing). I even asked him while he was at it to add a tiny bit of fat to my lips! When I woke up from surgery, I was scared to look in the mirror - not know what to expect, but to my surprise, I thought I looked great to have just had such extensive work done. The very next day was my follow-up - and when the wrap came off - I was AMAZED at what I saw. My jawline is that of an 18-year-old. Day 3-5 was the most intense as far as swelling, but I promise if you trust the process, it's well worth it! - I posted some pics below - in order, the pics are Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 6 (look how well I was able to hide any indications that I had just had facial surgery), and then the before and after pics from my Day 9 follow up appointment. If you are thinking about whether or not to chose Dr. Cohen - stop thinking and do it! His bedside manner is awesome and I couldn't have asked for better aftercare. Dr. Cohen is a true artist and I would never trust another doctor with this face ever again. He has gained a patient for life!


I think we all have at least one friend who has effortlessly beautiful skin, and if your life has been marked with skin problems like mine has, you envy that friend a little. Well, I finally asked my friend her secret and she referred me to West End Plastic Surgery. I thought "plastic surgery?!" and she told me to just go in for a consultation, tell them my concerns, and that's exactly what I did. I met with Kelly Rose, I vented about my skin, and she assured me WEPS had many options for correcting my hyperpigmentation, hormonal acne, enlarged pores, and acne scarring from my teens. WEPS worked with me, and with my budget, to develop a plan to get the skin results I wanted. I've been seeing Kelly Rose every 8 weeks since July 2018 and I've seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. I've never felt pressured into any treatment. WEPS is professional, organized, and makes the client their priority. Booking is so simple, and they send follow-up reminders in case you lost track of your appointment. WEPS is a key part of my beauty maintenance regimen and I am grateful for the improvements they've made to my skin!


I highly, highly recommend Dr. Ruff and Dr. Cohen. I got into an accident camping and received several bad injuries all over my face. It was on a Saturday and Dr. Ruff responded to my voicemail. I spoke to him twice and exchanged several texts with him over the weekend. He was such a calming force. He then scheduled me with Dr. Cohen who has been absolutely wonderful. In one week, he has seen me 3 times for simple check-ins (no cost). He is caring, supportive, committed, and excellent at what he does. I feel like he cares as much about my situation as I do. I know I'm in great hands at West End Plastic Surgery.


Norah is so sweet and so professional. I came in to WEPS looking for a subtle, natural enhancement of my lips. Norah was very thorough and took her time working with the filler to make them just so. She explained any adverse effects to watch for and advised that I come back in 2 weeks so she can see them and make sure that I was happy. The office itself is modern, chic, and super clean. What really made me happy was that I only ended up using half a syringe of filler and they only charged me for what was used--this is not something that every office does so GAME CHANGER! Will definitely be back to see her in the near future!


Where to begin? I've been a patient at West End Plastic Surgery for about 3 years. I followed the most amazing Aesthetician Bonnie and the most amazing RN Botox injector Christy from being a patient at their former office. These ladies are as beautiful inside as they are outside, which is a tremendous benefit, if not a prerequisite when you're trusting someone with your face! I'd always say, "make my skin look as good as yours" when asked what my skin goals were. Bonnie is so personable, generous with her time and advice and so gracious. She gives the most amazing facials that actually clean the bacteria out of the pores. I also love the mild glycolic treatments as well as stronger Jessner chemical peels in the winter. She gives the best post-care instructions to heal fast and look your best. While Bonnie never pushes products, she recently gave me a customized regimen and I noticed an immediate improvement in the overall health and appearance of my skin (currently loving the IS clinical line of serums that have improved my melasma/hyperpigmentation). I have significant discoloration thanks to years of sun damage and tanning beds (yuck, I know!) and Bonnie has worked with me on finding the best procedure to treat the damage. Via the aforementioned serums and my new obsession, a virtually painless laser, I've noticed a significant improvement after only two treatments! As well as a preventative approach with the most effective sunscreen. She's the best! Christy is the most patient and kind injector you’ll ever meet. She’s been injecting me with Botox for about 5 years and she is so honest, with a conservative expert approach to her profession. Example: “Christy, give me enough botox to make me look 5 years younger”, she could have easily upsold me on many more units, but instead insisted that we start slow and see the result. I love her, "you can always add more later" approach. How refreshing that she genuinely looks out for your best interest. Christy takes her time and answers all my questions, no matter how silly, and never makes me feel rushed during consultations. I’ve had Botox and filler under my eyes and in my cheeks, again, with no pain and a natural, freshened-up look. I just saw Christy last week for a cystic node on my jawline. She concocted a customized cortisone injection and the horrid monstrosity was gone, like completely gone, the next day! She’s like an amazing magician. The WEPS office is conveniently located for me, and I’m so impressed with the steps they’ve taken during COVID: I show up and filled out a quick questionnaire regarding any COVID exposure, they took my temperature and oxygen level and review the safety protocol including wiping down EVERYTHING with sanitizing wipes, wearing masks, shields, and gloves during the treatment and even using an ionizing spray in the room and special mouthwash to kill anything viral. I felt safer than I did at my own doctor’s office. When I commented to the ladies that their effort to minimize any exposure during this pandemic was above and beyond my expectations, they quickly shared credit with their team led by the amazing office administrator Deb. These humble professionals really feel like a family. I highly recommend Bonnie and Christy, a truly amazing dynamic duo who have helped me look my best and feel more confident on my journey to achieving all my skin goals. I’m so thankful to have found them as I trust their advice on an important investment in myself and the biggest organ in the human body, our skin! Here’s to looking your most fabulous.


I am a 48-year-old male whose chin was never very pronounced. I took the plunge and set up a consultation. This was not an easy decision for me, I was very worried that the results of any procedure would leave me looking or even feeling artificial – I’ve never had cosmetic surgery. I don't post reviews often but feel compelled to write something for West End Plastic Surgery. When I arrived for the consultation I was impressed. The front desk staff and the registered medical assistant were nice and efficient. Dr. Cohen was friendly, patient, and clear which went a long way to soothe my apprehension. He recommended the deep plane face and neck lift, with a chin implant which sounded like a lot of work, but he took his time to explain the procedure. I felt like his answers, to my questions, were intended to inform me, rather than trying to convince me. During our conversation, I realized that his expectations for my outcomes matched and, in some cases, exceeded mine. That day I also met Debra Schrag, the Administrator, and was just as impressed with her efficient and helpful attitude as I was with Dr. Cohen. I just wanted this whole thing to go smoothly and felt like she would make sure that happened. I was quite nervous going into the procedure, but Nurse Samantha Marzi and Anesthesiologist John Bing were amazing at keeping me comfortable and positive. I had the surgery about two weeks ago and I’m very pleased with the results. There has been less recovery than I was expecting. I’m glad that I decided to take this step with Dr. Cohen and WEPS. The procedure was a life-changing decision for me, and my only regret is that I didn’t seek it sooner.


I recently saw Norah Gourlay for first-time lip injections. She was very informative, discussed with me what I wanted, and explained the process with injectables. She was clear about the risks as well as what could be achieved for me. Her bedside manner immediately put me at ease. This was one of the best decisions I could have made. She was able to give me a completely natural appearance, knocking years off my age, and truly enhancing my original lip shape. If you are considering lip injections for the first time... go see Norah at West End Plastic Surgery. I have never been happier with a purchase.


I saw Dr. Hannan for a mastopexy and had the best experience from start to finish. She is an expert in this field and her attention to detail shows for it. She was transparent about what I could expect results wise and I truly feel like I was in the best hands possible. She has been super responsive during the recovery phase which isn't always the case for most doctors. I can not recommend her ENOUGH! I will be a patient for life. I am thrilled with my results and the recovery process was incredibly smooth. The procedure and her work have brought a new level of confidence to my life and that is truly priceless. If you are thinking about making a big change through a surgical procedure Dr. Hannan is the best to see. My only regret is not seeing her sooner!


I was looking to improve the contour of my body after a “gaining phase” of muscle hypertrophy-focused weight training. I already knew about the reputation of Dr. Ruff and WEPS in the Georgetown area and went to him. I had one virtual consultation and one in-office consultation prior to the procedures. The virtual consultation ended up being free of charge once I decided to pursue in-office consultation. Before my virtual consultation, Dr. Ruff didn’t know how committed I was to the procedures. Yet, he still spent time reviewing pictures that I emailed to him. The virtual consultation was informative and reassuring. Most importantly, Dr. Ruff demonstrated to me an artistic view/taste as a “sculptor”, in addition to procedural proficiency as a surgeon. During the in-office consultation, Dr. Ruff was attentive to details regarding my long-term surgical and health outcome. He made sure I didn’t have a family history of breast cancer and asked me to cough to check for any risk of tissue herniation. We decided on the following procedures: liposuction of the abdomen and flank (almost 360 degrees around my torso); fat grafting to the hip, buttocks, and breasts; submental liposuction, and buccal fat removal. My surgery was rescheduled once out of abundant covid precaution. My pre-op nurse Sharonda was particularly helpful in this case. She responded to my emails timely and re-sent prescriptions that I wasn’t able to pick up due to the changed surgery date. On the day of surgery, my surgical nurse Jill was with me from the time I arrived until I was picked up safely outside the medical/surgical office building. I received local numbing and inhalable Pro-Nox as anesthetics for the procedure. I think going this route rather than general anesthesia contributed to my good surgical outcome – my muscle was under tension rather than being completely flaccid, which may facilitate Dr. Ruff to better “sculpt” the body contour. Dr. Ruff carefully marked me up before surgery. I “casually” mentioned dissatisfaction about extra tissue in my armpits when my arms were let loose on my sides. Dr. Ruff “went the extra distance” to address this concern, simply because I mentioned it during the marking-up process. The surgery started on time and lasted about 3.5 hours. My mobility was not compromised much immediately after surgery – I walked out of the building, went to pick up prescriptions from CVS, and got into the car all by myself. My nurse Jill was with me till I waved goodbye to her through the car window. I took prescription pain medication on the day of surgery and the day after. Then I was able to conduct daily life without any pain meds (OTC or prescription). Dr. Ruff called me the night of surgery and saw me for a post-op appointment the day after surgery. He responded to my texts whenever I had questions. When I was in the office for MedSculpt treatment 2 weeks after surgery, Dr. Ruff made the extra effort to “pop-in”, saw me, and evaluated my healing process and level of compression I needed in the upcoming weeks, even though he didn’t have to do all these. I am beyond happy about my results so far. My waistline and its transition to hips came out more elegant than I had expected. I myself didn’t have the insight that a small amount of fat grafting to the hips would truly “elevate” my shape. Dr. Ruff was able to foresee it and executed it well. I look forward to my results further “solidifying”. I have expressed my willingness to let WEPS present my “before and after” transformation if they so choose.


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